For some reason, Mensans thrive on abbreviations and acronyms. Here are a few definitions that may allow you to understand them...and should immediately increase your comprehension of all things Mensa.  


ABM:  Annual Business Meeting.  Annual meeting, typically held during the Annual Gathering, where officers report on the state of Mensa and members can ask questions. 

AG:  Annual Gathering, the official name of American Mensa’s national convention.

AMC:  The American Mensa Committee, American Mensa’s board of directors.

AML:  American Mensa, Ltd.

AREA COORDINATOR:  A volunteer who welcomes new members, receives calls and questions from members and schedules events in a limited geographic area within the Local Group.

ASIE:  Actions Still In Effect.  Decisions rendered by the AMC or local ExComm that will affect future administrations and member issues.  They are removed when they no longer relate to current policy or the policy as defined has passed. 

CAP:  Community Activities Program.

CareerLink:  American Mensa’s CareerLink is a website providing career resources to members.

Carnelli:  A word game invented by Mensan Jan Carnell.  As with Charades, the quicker-witted you are, the more fun Carnelli is.  It’s best in groups of four or more.  The next time you’re with a group of Ms that includes an “old hand” or two, get the old hand to explain the game and start up a round. 

Joke-Off:  A popular event at AGs and Rgs.  Ms compete to tell the funniest clean and “not so clean” jokes.The contest may last for several hours.

LDW:  Leadership Development Workshop (or Weekend).  This gathering provides courses to improve the skills and knowledge of Local Group officers and any other Mensans.

Local Group:  A geographically devined local chapter of American Mensa.

LocSec:  (pronounced “loak-seck”)  Local Secretary, president of a Local Group.  Reflecting Mensa’s British origins, the title is a holdover from the time when this officer was simply a secretary reporting to national Mensa.  Although many Local Groups call their chief executives something else, to the national organization they’re all LocSecs.