EFFECTIVE:   June 19, 2011


1.    The name of this organization shall be Southern Nevada Mensa (SNvM).

2.    Southern Nevada Mensa is a Local Group of American Mensa, Ltd. (AML), and is subject to the Constitution of Mensa; the Bylaws of AML; the provisions of AML's Charter granted February 4, 2010, included by reference herein; and the resolutions adopted by the American Mensa Committee (AMC).

3.    The purpose of SNvM shall be to provide and encourage an intellectually stimulating community for socializing and networking.

    a.    The SNvM governing body shall publish monthly a printed newsletter named Mind Bets.  If an electronic version of Mind Bets is also created, the printed version shall nevertheless be the version to be sent to members unless they request otherwise.

    b.    The SNvM governing body may authorize a Web site; such official Web site shall bear the name of Southern Nevada Mensa.


1.    Membership of SNvM shall be open to all members in good standing of AML in the geographic area assigned to SNvM by the AMC, or as otherwise assigned by AML.

2.    Mensa members in good standing, including those who are not also members of SNvM, are welcome to participate in the social activities of SNvM at the discretion of the host or hostess.

3.    The National Ombudsman, his surrogate and members of the AMC shall be permitted to participate in the business affairs of SNvM in the discharge of their official duties.

4.    SNvM shall observe the preferences of members for data suppression and publication, as filed with AML, when publishing a SNvM roster or membership directory.  Local Group Officers shall authorize release of their own contact information within SNvM and also shall authorize release of their own contact information within American Mensa and externally unless excused by the ExComm.


1.    The governing body of SNvM shall be an Executive Committee (ExComm), which conducts the business of SNvM. The ExComm comprises the following six elected officer positions:  Local Secretary (LocSec), Assistant Local Secretary (Assistant LocSec), Treasurer, Program Chair, Membership Chair and Communications Officer, who are voting members.

    a.    The Local Secretary shall be the chief executive officer of SNvM and the liaison with other local groups.  He or she shall schedule and preside at ExComm meetings and shall be the chief point of contact between AML and SNvM.  The LocSec shall endeavor to pass information to and from SNvM in a timely fashion, and shall notify AML and the Regional Vice Chairman (RVC) for SNvM of the results of any changes in the officers of the group during the term within two weeks of the change.  The LocSec may use the title “President” at his or her option.

    b.    The Assistant Local Secretary shall assist the LocSec, be responsible for the taking of minutes at ExComm meetings, the submitting of minutes to the Mind Bets Editor and maintaining approved minutes in a file.  The Assistant LocSec shall preside over meetings in the absence of the LocSec, and immediately and automatically succeed to the office of LocSec if that office becomes vacant.

    c.    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial matters of SNvM and shall submit to the ExComm a quarterly financial report that shall also be published in Mind Bets.  The financial report shall contain schedules of income, expenses and balances for all funds under the control of SNvM, including Regional Gathering, scholarship, postal account and other special funds.  The Treasurer shall ensure that the local group complies with all federal financial reporting requirements.  The Treasurer shall also maintain a listing of all equipment owned by SNvM.  At least quarterly, the Treasurer shall submit to the LocSec or his or her designee (who must also be a voting member of the ExComm), statements from banks and any other institutions where the group's money is deposited. All accounts must be separate accounts in the name of SNvM and shall have more than one signatory, two being the LocSec and the Treasurer, so that funds can be accessed in the temporary absence of the Treasurer.

    d.    The Program Chair shall be responsible for arranging for SNvM activities, and shall coordinate with and advise the officers and the Editor of these activities.

    e.    The Membership Chair shall be responsible for publicity, public relations and recruitment programs.

    f.    The Communications Officer shall be responsible for Mind Bets and shall, with consent of the ExComm, appoint the Editor.  The Communications Officer may also serve as the Editor.  The Communications Officer shall be responsible for the SNvM Web site (if any) and shall, with the consent of the ExComm, appoint the Webmaster.

2.    Additional non-voting officers may be appointed and removed by the LocSec with advice and consent of ExComm. Appointed positions of SNvM may include, but are not limited to, Area Coordinators for outlying groups of members and coordinators for other activities as deemed necessary.  There shall be a Web Contact with the National Office as long as a Web site is in existence.

    a.    The Editor shall edit Mind Bets and provide for its publication on a monthly basis.  The Editor shall, at a minimum, publish notices of meetings and programs, required ballots, results of ExComm meetings and elections, amendments to the bylaws and related discussions and ballots, election committee materials, the quarterly financial reports, post office forms if required and official Ombudsman material as required.

    b.    The LocSec shall appoint, with advice and consent of ExComm, one or more Ombudsmen who shall serve asmediator for disputes within the local group and shall be an arbitrator available to serve as a representative to a Regional Hearings Committee.  The offices may be combined or divided into Ombudsman/Mediator and Ombudsman/Arbitrator.  The Ombudsman shall also perform such duties as may be required of all local group ombudsmen by American Mensa.  The Ombudsman/Mediator may not be a member of the ExComm.  The SNvM Ombudsman, and the National Ombudsman, may submit material to the Editor marked “for publication” that relates to his or her official duties; anything so marked shall be given the highest practicable priority for publication in Mind Bets.  The Ombudsman appointment/s renew/s automatically at the end of the term of office of the current ExComm, unless the incoming ExComm appoints a replacement.

    c.    Gifted Children Coordinators, SIGHT Coordinators and Proctors are nominated locally but appointed nationally by the respective national authority. Unless informed otherwise by the Local Group, the National Office will assume these volunteers continue in office regardless of the term of the governing body; however, they may be removed in accordance with Paragraph 4 below.

3.    The terms of office of elected officers shall be two years from April 1 to March 31 of odd numbered years, or until installation of a properly qualified successor, except in the case of resignation, succession to higher office as provided in Paragraph 1.b above, or removal from office as provided in Paragraph 5 or Paragraph 6 below.  No elected officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.  Transition:  the 2011 election will be conducted from June through September and the dates set forth in Article V adjusted appropriately, with the ExComm taking office October 1 and serving eighteen months until March 31, 2013.

4.    The term of office for all appointed officers, positions and committees expires at the end of the term of office of the current elected officers, except as otherwise provided herein.  Appointed officers, positions and committees are appointed by the LocSec (or, in the case of the Editor and Webmaster, the Communications Officer) with the approval of the ExComm, and may be removed from office by majority vote of the ExComm unless otherwise stated herein.  Proctors may be transferred to inactive status rather than removed.

5.    Elected members of the ExComm may be removed from office by unanimous vote of all other members of the ExComm or by recall election.  A recall election may be called by a petition and signed by at least 10% of the membership of SNvM as listed on the most recent membership roster provided by AML.  The balloting provisions of a regular election shall apply except that a recall election must be held within sixty days of presentation of a properly qualified petition at either a regular or special meeting of the ExComm, and the dates set forth in Article V shall be adjusted appropriately.

6.    Any voting member of the ExComm may be removed from office for three consecutive unexcused absences at ExComm meetings, by a majority vote of the remaining members.  A majority of the remaining members may excuse an absence.

7.    ExComm members (with the exception of the LocSec) who resign or are removed from office or fail to continue service for any reason may be replaced by majority vote of the remaining ExComm.  A replacement for an elected officer is considered to be an elected officer whose term ends with the next regular election.

8.    All elected and appointed officers shall turn over all files, equipment and materials pertaining to their offices to either their successor(s), to the current LocSec or to another member of the ExComm no later than fourteen days after leaving office.

9.    SNvM shall adopt a fiscal year of April 1 through March 31.  An annual financial review shall be conducted each year in April.  The ExComm shall appoint someone to conduct the review who was not involved in the issuing or collecting of money during the period being reviewed.   The review shall include viewing statements from banks and any other institutions where the group's money was held during the period being reviewed.

10.    The conflict of interest rules stated in the Bylaws of American Mensa for the AMC shall also be applicable to the local group and the ExComm.


1.    Regular meetings or activities may be held at such times as may be appropriate; however, a regularly scheduled meeting of the ExComm and a membership activity must be held at least once a quarter.   Notice of meetings and activities shall be published in Mind Bets or otherwise sent to each SNvM member and the RVC.  A two-thirds majority (rounded to the nearest number) of serving members of the ExComm constitutes a quorum to transact business.  The LocSec has the right to vote and is included in the quorum.

2.    Special ExComm meetings may be called at any time by the LocSec or by a majority of the ExComm, and shall be called upon receipt by any member of the ExComm of a petition made in writing signed by at least 10% of the membership of SNvM as listed on the most recent membership roster provided by AML.  The date, time, place and purpose of the special meeting shall be announced in Mind Bets (or by direct mail) to each member and the RVC at least seven days before the special meeting and shall be reported in Mind Bets afterward.  No business other than that indicated in the notice calling the meeting may be acted on.

3.    No official business of SNvM shall be conducted outside an official, noticed meeting.  Any one or more members of the ExComm may participate in a meeting of the ExComm by means of telephone, on-line conference or similar communications equipment allowing all persons participating in the meeting to communicate with each other at the same time; participation by such means constitutes presence in person at the meeting.

4.    All meetings of the ExComm shall be held within the geographical limits of the local group as assigned by the AMC and shall be open to all members of SNvM.


1.    All SNvM officers, whether elected or appointed, must be current members in good standing of AML; an officer is defined as any person who is given a title with specific responsibilities.  All voting members of, and candidates to, the ExComm must also be current members in good standing of SNvM.  No elected officer shall be eligible to run for a third consecutive term in the same office.

2.    No later than December 15 of each even year the ExComm shall appoint, in the manner described in Article III Section 4 above, an Election Committee (ElComm) consisting of a Chairman and two other members, none of whom may be a voting member of the ExComm nor a candidate in the upcoming election.

3.    No later than the deadline for the February issue of Mind Bets in odd years, the ElComm shall nominate one or more candidates for each elected seat of the ExComm.  The membership of SNvM shall be notified of these nominations in that February issue of Mind Bets including the electronic version if available, or by mail posted no later than February 1. This notice shall contain also the name and address of the Chairperson of the ElComm and a solicitation of nominations by petition for all members of Southern Nevada Mensa with instructions from Section 4 below.

4.    ElComm shall accept up until two days prior to the deadline for the March issue of Mind Bets, nominations submitted by petition of five SNvM members accompanied by a statement by the proposed nominee that he or she will serve if elected. The candidate may sign his own petition.

5.    The ElComm shall determine and cause to be published as an insert to, or part of, Mind Bets including the electronic version of Mind Bets if available, or mailed separately by post or electronically to all members of SNvM:  the ballot, voting instructions and those election rules and regulations not covered by these bylaws.  Ballots shall contain the names of all nominated candidates and a space for a write-in candidate for each elected seat on the ExComm.  Ballots, in any case shall be posted no later than March 1st.

6.    The ElComm shall be responsible for conducting the election, scheduling the time and place of an election meeting which allows at least fourteen days following posting of the March Mind Bets to all SNvM members, receiving and counting the ballots and certifying the results.

7.    Ballots must be returned to the ElComm Chair and received no later than the beginning of the official ballot count conducted at the scheduled election meeting.  Ballots received after that time shall not be counted.  Ballots may be returned by mail, electronically or in person.

8.    A plurality of valid votes cast for each ExComm position shall constitute election.  Votes that are tied shall be determined by the ElComm Chair by a flip of a coin.  The ElComm Chair shall certify the results of the election to the LocSec, notify the winning candidates and have the election results published in the next possible issue of Mind Bets.

9.    The outgoing LocSec shall notify AML and the RVC for SNvM of the results of the election within two weeks of the election.

10.    Any challenges to the election must be made in writing to the ElComm Chair and received by April 15. Any such challenges must be ruled on by April 30.  Any actions by the ExComm while a challenge is pending are not affected by the outcome of any such challenge.

11.    The ElComm's term expires at the end of the period for election challenges.  The ElComm Chair shall retain all returned ballots and related materials until that time.


1.    A petition signed by 20% of SNvM members as listed on the most recent membership roster received from AML, or a two-thirds majority vote of the ExComm, may propose amendments or changes to these bylaws.

2.    Such proposals shall be submitted first to the AMC for its approval to ballot.  After approval to ballot has been received the proposed amendment(s) shall be sent to all members of SNvM either as an insert in or as a part of Mind Bets, including the electronic version if available or as a separate mailing by post or electronically.  A ballot shall appear in the issue of Mind Bets that follows publication of the proposal and shall be sent to every member of SNvM.  The balloting deadline shall be no less than ninety days following the first publication of the proposed amendment(s) in Mind Bets.

3.    To become effective, an amendment or changes to these bylaws shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of those casting valid ballots as well as final approval of the AMC and filing of revised bylaws with the AMC Bylaws Committee. The AMC Bylaws Committee will tell SNvM the effective date of the bylaws as amended.

4.    The Minimum Standard Bylaws for Local Groups of AML as amended by the AMC are implicitly included in these bylaws.  The minimum requirements are enforceable even if they are not explicitly contained in these bylaws.  If there is a conflict between these bylaws and the Minimum Standards, the Minimum Standards take precedence.


1.    American Mensa, Ltd. has granted a royalty free, non-exclusive license to Southern Nevada Mensa for the use of the mark "Mensa" and a logo, consisting of a globe over a stylized "M" within a border, in connection with the non-commercial uses of Southern Nevada Mensa. AML retains full ownership of the mark and logo and all statutory and common law rights in the mark and logo.


1.    The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, latest edition, shall govern SNvM in all cases to which they are applicable and not inconsistent with these bylaws.